We will be adding content to this page on a regular basis, but for now, see below for information on our student ministry.

Grace has always had a big heart for college and university students. This is such a crucial time to impact people’s lives. We’ve seen many come to Christ, and many more take this opportunity to integrate their faith in their lives, be equipped and develop in service and leadership. Over the years, we’ve seen students from our group go all over the world.

In keeping with GBC’s emphasis on family, we want students, especially international students, to have the experience of a loving church family.

Meeting only 4 kms from University of Toronto Mississauga has given us unique ministry opportunities. We pick up students for church at UTM in front of Oscar Peterson Hall at 9:50 each Sunday.

On campus, we help to host Baptist Student Ministries at UTM, a Christian fellowship open to all students. Our Pastor meets with students for weekly Bible Studies, discipleship, outreach opportunities and fun events. BSM is part of the UTM Christian Unity Association. Check us out on Facebook: UTM Baptist Student Ministries.

What a way to "make disciples of all the nations"!